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"Muscle Enforcer III"

Kasie's Connection

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Kasie is posing as a meek temp secretary to get close to her first hit. Not knowing her mission, Big Business Man Bernard is giving dictation to Kasie, when he enquires why she is so muscular. What a stupid question! Once Bernard realizes that Kasie ain't no ordinary secretary he is in serious trouble. She lets loose and takes care of her assignment from Mob Boss Alkaponey.

Preacher Flakeman offers his services to help a poor lost soul... although he has his motives. Kasie rips off her clothes to expose her HARD MUSCULAR BODY.. and informs the preacher she is there for ALKAPONEY! The preacher has met his maker. Kasie puts him in positions he has never seen! FULL NELSONS, REVERSE HEAD SCISSORS, FIGURE FOURS... the preacher pays for his past sins...

Hurricane Havanna, the female detective who arrested Alkaponeyfor 1st degree murder, answers the door. Posing as a delivery person Kasie insists on bringing in the heavy package. Once in, she informs Hurricane Havanna "My muscles are for hire, I am here to prevent you from testifying at the Alkaponey trial." Kasie circles her like a predator, then attacks. The girls are going at it - back and forth, crushing body scissors, headlocks, smothers, face sits... and then takes a sensual twist the girls start to enjoy one another sharing deep sensual kisses and much, much more!!

But back to reality Kasie must fulfill the contract... alas, it could of been so sweet...

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