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Dayana Cadeau

by Flexible Productions

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She has to be seen to be believed. Huge arms, massive thighs, fantastic calves, and a beautiful seductive face - this is Dayana Cadeau. And she's so very strong! The video starts with a look at her muscles as she works them out at the gym. Lots of stunning close ups of her huge muscles as she lifts and flexes. Later, at her office a guy gets too fresh with his hands on her bottom. Too bad he didn't ask for permission first. Dayana ushers him upstairs to her wrestling room, removes her top and administers a very one-sided beating. With her muscles glistening, her breasts bare and her dander up, he has no chance. Even though he is able to widthstand a lot of punishment, he simply can't escape his fate. Once clamped between her powerful thighs, all he can do is submit and pass out. If you enjoy a powerful woman against a man in a one-sided match, this is sure to please!

(60 min - 140 megs - 2 parts)

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