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Karla Nelsen...

Too Big, Too Strong

by Flexible Productions

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Karla is 5'11", 215 pounds of rock hard bulging muscle. He's 5'8", 135 pounds of foolish arrogance. Karla approaches him at the gym and asks to work in on the bench press, but gets really annoyed when he refuses, stating that girls don't belong working out with weights. The only way for Karla to settle this is on the mat in a wrestling match. Karla proceeds in giving him the beating of his life. Her scissor holds are so tight, it'll make you hurt just watching. Going all out she uses all of her weapons: tight presses, head locks, back breakers and bear hugs all have him yelling submissions over and over again. He's clearly not in her class in ability, strength, or endurance. She easily lifts him over her head at will bending and stretching his outclassed body. He said the next day that he was unable to even get out of bed and it was a week before he could even move without pain. If you like watching Karla totally destroy a smaller man, then this tape is for you.

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