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Anita the Queen of Squeeze

by Flexible Productions

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Let Anita take you along to show you how she lives. Wake up with Anita and follow her through her day. First she's off to the gym to pump up those huge muscles, and then watch as the camera moves in for close-ups of each muscle as she grinds out her reps. This is a great body and a great way to watch it. Then it's on to a quiet walk in the park before her wrestling session with a first timer opponent. It's everything he'd hoped it would be as she's so strong and muscular that he's powerless against her superior strength and wrestling ability. He enjoys wrestling her so much that he offers to try and give her as much pleasure as he got. What she wants she gets as she takes his head between her massive thighs and shows him why she's the new Queen of Squeeze. And she squeezes him limp while satisfying her own needs in a very sensual finish for both. It's then off to bed, but not before another sensuous oiling scene. Anita is a very pretty, very sexy, very muscular, and sensuous woma and in this video you get to see all her qualities.

(52 min - 190 megs - 2 Parts)

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