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"The Break In"

Kasie's Connection

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Kasie fast asleep upstairs resting her big muscles. Two scheming burglars entry her house through an open living room window. Helping them self to any and all goods. Making there way up to the bedroom for more valuables, to their surprise a BIG MUSCLE BOUND chick lay there asleep. Awakened one holds a gun on her threatening her not to move.

Howie then proceeds to tie her up, so they can finish the job

Bound by her ankles & wrists and gagged Kasie struggles furiously to loosen the ropes. She must get out so she can stop them. After quite sometime she manages to free herself. Now watch out boys she's pissed and loose. Kasie makes her way downstairs to catch Howie in the refrigerator, this boy drops his milk and runs like a wimp. Not so lucky for burglar #2, Kasie jumps the boy and wrestles him down. Don't think these boys will be back

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