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The incredible Larissa is much too big and strong for the talented, but overmatched Robin, who before long, is sorry that she ever agreed to test Larissa. Dressed in turn-on shirts at the onset, the battle soon becomes pitched, and Larissa goes back on the attack in full force as she lifts, thrown, and spins Robin around.

Arm bars, full nelsons, crushing neck and head scissors are all masterfully applied and used to weaken the beleaguered Robin, who continues to show incredible courage. Long, lingering and painful holds result in submissions by the smaller girl who struggles in vain.

Refusing to accept Robinís further submission, she now makes her victim beg for mercy, and truly enjoys torturing her, as she continues to apply one painful hold after another. ďIím the Queen, Iím the strongest woman around,Ē Larissa now proclaims, and who can dispute this as she now flexes her gorgeous award winning muscles. This is a must video for fans of big Ė small wrestling domination.

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