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"Janeen's Muscle Heaven" HD


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Janeen presents you with her "Awesome Posing Package" by posing her huge, muscular physique out by the pool.

She starts out in a skin tight black mini dress and boy oh boy does she look incredible in it!!! Watch her pump up before your very eyes, her magnificently shaped and peaked biceps, her huge delts, her tiny waist and great "V" shape, her ripped up quads with deep cuts in them.

She then strips out of the dress and it's down to her neon green and black string bikini. She just is one awesome posing package!!

Then it's indoors...IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Janeen is not too happy when her roommate's boyfriend starts coming on to her. He LOVES her lean and mean muscles and wants to touch and worship them. Well she shows him just how much displeaure he brings her by wrestling him down to the floor, trampling him, doing one-arm pushups over his body, inverted ab crunches from his neck and much more strength and muscle stuff.

Then more wrestling and even some arm wrestling, before she throws him out. And BTW... she is 6 weeks out from her Toronto Pro show and boy does she look awesome!!!

All shot in HD.

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