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Muscle Enforcer 1

by Kasie's Connection

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FOR HIRE - Muscle Enforcement Services...
Muscle Intimidation included via Kasie's BIG thick muscles.

2 credit risk losers borrow from the local mob and default. Big mistake! Boss Tweedo declares it's time to bring in Kasie to use her menacing massive muscles to settle those accounts.

Miniature Melvin runs an ineffective numbers racquet. Nonperformance results in a trip to Boss Tweedo's office. Tweedo calls for Kasie & she is ready for business. She flexes those awesome aggressive arms. She intimidates Melvin. Then she goes at him!! Will Melvin pay up? Will he survive??

Sammy Sleazeau produces porn films that are box office flops. He appears in Tweedo's office & uses the phone but is unaware that Kasie's powerful physique silently glides across the floor towards him. Sammy hits the floor & is subjected to Kasie's strength & fatal wrestling skills. Thick thighs squeeze his little torso. He becomes tortured & squeezed unconscious. Kasie easily carries him into a special bubbling hot tub. What is Sammy's fate?

(48 min - 187 megs - 2 parts)

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