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Sheilahe - Art of the Curve

by Flexible Productions

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The curves on Sheilahe are truly art. The round curve of her glutes, the sweep of her thighs, the tight curve of her calves and of course the huge round bulges of her biceps. All her curves are hard and beautiful, but her arms are a true phenomenon.

All this muscle accentuates the grace with which this woman moves. A dancer by passion and calling, Sheilahe moves with such sensuality that her posing for the camera is a rare treat. Several long muscle posing routines highlight this video. Most of the time the camera concentrates on her arms but there is plenty of other good muscle to watch. At 5' 8" she?s a big woman with huge muscles. Her weight at contest time is around 165 and off season she can get up to 180. Look for her arms to stretch the tape to 18 inches. For the biceps lover this tape is a must.

Sheilahe also treats us to a one sided demonstration of her wrestling superiority. She puts the out muscled young man in a series of strong and painful holds until he is convinced of her power. She makes him give up repeatedly.

This was shot on professional digital equipment in several different settings and at several times. This gives you a 1 hour look at Sheilahe, at her best, over a period of time and always looking great.

(55 min - 192 megs - 2 parts)

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