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Worship Sisters

by IronBelles

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National Competitor and reknowned Female Bodybuilder Colette Guimond stars with her trainer Lynn Suave in a very sexy video. The scene opens in the gym where Lynn is training. Along comes Colette, whom she has never met before, and begins to train arms beside Lynn. Lynn cannot help herself and must know who this woman is and also must touch her magnificent muscles. The girls introduce themselves and Colette allows Lynn to touch her muscles and train with her. The girls then continue with their workout, finishing with arms and then beginning a short leg workout. All the time, Lynn is in awe with Colette's muscles and must continue to touch and watch her pose. The girls then finish and retire to the bathroom to redo their makeup and get ready to leave. Again, Lynn worships Colette's body and Colette invites her over to her house for a drink. The next scene is in Colette's home where they drink champagne, Lynn massages Colette's body and then they both take a relaxing bath.

(46 min - 157 megs - 2 parts)

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