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Mixed Wrestling fans of Sharon Marvel Johnston have waited a long time for another Video of her defeating a male opponent. Well wait no longer! It took MWU Videos to lure Sharon (5' 3" 150 lbs) to Carolina Catfights in NC and take on a male opponent. It's funny, guys thought they could beat Sharon when she first started wrestling and guys think they can beat her now. Because she's 5'3" guys don't realize how strong she's always been and that once you're on your knees on the mat everyone's the same size. But not everyone can squeeze like Sharon can. Ask Neil (5'9", 170 lbs) if Sharon's "lost a step" in making men scream in agony with her scissors. Or if any man can push her off of him after she gets you in a schoolboy pin with your arms trapped underneath her knees. Yes some things don't change and one thing that doesn't change is that Sharon Marvel Johnston can still defeat most male opponents. And you can watch her do that to Neil in this Video from MWU Videos.

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